Steven Han's Home Page

Hi, welcome to my home page.  Here you will find various items to aid in mankind's noblest quest, the raison d'etre of the Web, the wasting of time.

For those of you looking to fill up your hard disk space as well as to waste time, below are some programs I wrote to help in that grand endeavour.

Click Here for Easy Bridge, my computer Bridge program.

Click Here for WinBlock, my 3-D falling blocks game.

Click Here for SuperCube, my other 3-D falling blocks game.

If you're curious who I am, click here.

Favorite Links

No web page would be complete without some links, so here are a few of my recommended sites, in no particular order:

The Sierra Club, Los Angeles Chapter
Yahoo L.A.
PC Week Online
Roget Ebert Online

For fans of the progressive rock supergroup Yes (the greatest band ever, IMHO), try the following:
Notes from The Edge

If you're feeling philosophical today, you might peruse these sites:
The Ayn Rand Institute (Click Here for a random quote from Ayn Rand)
The CATO Institute
The Freedom Forum Online

And for fairness and balance, I'll point you to some sites attacking the (ahem) evil capitalist machinery:
The Noam Chomsky Archive
World Socialist Web Site

Other Links

Here are some other sites you might want to check out:

Here's my Number One source for news:
The Onion

Salon is perhaps the archetype of the classic Web magazine:
Salon Magazine

Are you the type to believe everything you hear?  Then you should check out this page:
The Skeptic's Page

Can't get enough of stories like the one about the dying kid looking for get-well cards, or the guy that woke up in a bathtub with a kidney missing?  Then check out these sites:
The alt.folklore.urban and Urban Legends Archive Page, and
The Urban Legends Reference Page

For the thoughful male's perspective on today's most pressing issues, be sure to check out::
Dave Barry

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